by gail

Gizzmo is my name. I was brought to a pet shop, from a puppy mill.

As I sat in my cage, I noticed 2 human's talking about me. It was love at first sight.I knew when she held me, I was her's.

After a month, I get a check up. She had heard a heart murmur, so took me in..As the years rolled on, I had heart surgery for my pulmonic stenosis.

You see the pet shop wanted to take me back after a month, and give my owner a new one. But it was love at first sight. So we left with Emma, a new Yorkie, and me!

Emma was fine, and was given as a wedding gift. She lasted 10 years could have been much longer but her owner let her run free, and a truck killed my friend Emma.

Now, I lasted nearly 15 yrs. Bad, real bad heart, bad teeth, bad breath, bad back, allergies, but it was love at first sight.

My owner spent thousands on me, and just recently I was made a DNR..Life changes, and moves on. I got sick Friday night..4/11/2014

Sat morning as she walked upstairs to greet me, I walked out of my bed slowly panting, and she knew..She picked me up, crying, and repeated myOne month ago today, we both said goodbye to name..Gizzmo..Gizzmo my buddy, okay, your gonna be okay.

I passed out, and she quickly picked me up, and as fast as she could brought me in to a place I spent so much time in getting better.

This time it was different. The dog dr. said take him home, hopefully he will fall asleep, and not suffer..

At 4am I woke her up panting and whimpering, she never heard me cry, so she knew it was different. She wrapped me in my comfy brown blanket, and bed, and we drove to my favorite spot..the boardwalk..The whole time she gently tapped my back.

We went back to the place I had spent so much time getting better, sat outside. She just couldn't do it. So we went to where her mom who just died grew up.

As she placed me gingerly on the ground, she watched the sunset, and we both knew..We went back, and she made the hardest decision, yet the most right decision for her buddy.

She put me to rest. I just couldnt breathe, and I needed to sleep...As I watch her typing for me, as I'm a dog and dogs can't type. I want her to know no matter when she yelled at me, lost patience with me, its okay, I understood all the stress in your life had changed our lives.

Besides, I had a wonderful life with you, and if only a dog could type. I love you, you love me? Gimme kiss..gimmmeeee kiss..Goodbye my best buddy I love you..

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