My best friend has four legs

by Lane
(Thousand Oaks Ca USA)

After putting down my beloved first yorkie Beau. I swore I could not go thru this pain again.

In nov of that year my daughter knew how unhappy & lonely I was & said, Mom it's time to see about adopting a dog.

I made a phone call & was told there was a woman in L A that had 2 yorkies.

My daughter & I drove over & I found a yorkie that looked so much like Beau & I knew he was my little man I named him Rocky Lee & for the next 14 years I went on an amazing journey.

We went thru so much together good & bad but we had each other & for his last 8 years he was blind but his heart led him.

He is now my angel that watches over me. He will always be loved & my grandkids got to hold him & love him.

Yorkies are a special breed & Dog is God spelled backward!

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