My 3month old yorkie was perfectly fine till....

by sabrina


She got an injection today, a pill against worms, and her chip of identification.

Now she is trembling refusing to get up ,when I try to carry her to the kitchen she has almost no strength to even stand, can't poo, and doesn't this normal?

She is usually very calm and playfull, now she is still gentle but very sleepy and trembling...i'm scared...


Your vet should have told you what to expect after having all this done.

I am not comfortable answering questions like this because I am not a vet, I can only give information and advice on things that we have been through with Harry.

Harry was adopted so we didn't have him from such a young age, when he had all the vaccinations etc to go through.

If you are ever scared you should call your vet immediately. There is no guarantee that I will see your question immediately as I am not working on the website all day, therefore anything that doesn't seem right healthwise you should go straight to your vet.

Please let us know how your yorkie is doing.

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Feb 25, 2010
Please take your baby to the Vet.
by: SC

Yes, you need to take your baby to the Vet. Please don't wait.............. Yorkies are just tiny little babies. Please give us an update as to how she is doing.

Mar 05, 2010
My puppy
by: Anonymous

Mine was trembling for 2-3 days till it was all over, so do not worry

Sep 10, 2011
3 month chorky on 2nd injection and microchip
by: Anonymous

My chorky trembled ,never ate all day ,and slept but the next day she was back to normal running round like nothing had happened

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