"Momma" - too short of life.

by MJ
(Ontario, Canada)

In October 2011, I initially started out as a foster home for a "scruffy", underweight, fearful, almost hairless, Cocoa purebred yorkshire terrier along with her four (11 day old) puppies, from the largest Canadian Puppy Mill Raid, in Quebec. (although I live in Ontario)

I went to the Shelter in Montreal, to help clean over 100 crates one Sat., and came home with this Mom and her babies.

One of the puppies needed special attention (feeding every 4-5 hrs). I had them until they were 3 months old, as we had to wait for the court case prior to them being adopted.

The four puppies were adopted, I interviewed all potential adoptees... they had to be perfect.

Then I tried to find a furever home for "Momma". She had issues, she had never been outside a crate for her first two years of life, she had never touch grass, she knew no life other than her small crate. She was overprotective of her puppies.

I knew she couldn't be with another dog, as she would attack, and she proved it when I fostered a 8 month old Pek-yorkie mix, two months after I had her.

I seriously looked for a home for her. I had many applicants and interviews, people came to see her, wanted her "badly", but none suited.

She had some psychological issues. She wasn't house trained, feared noises, and initially, she didn't trust men (other than my husband & son.

She feared people and would attempt to charge people upon entering the house and nip at them.
She was approximately 2 yrs old, they figured this was possibly her 3rd litter. She was a very protective and a good mom.

After 4 months of not being able to find a suitable home for her, and since we had fallen head over heals in love with her, we decided to keep her. Since she was a rescue,we too paid the cost of adoption from the Rescue organization. So I am a proud Foster Failure - lol.

After some time, she had such a great personality. It took time, discipline, affection and patience. She became a beautiful looking dog, amazing colouring.

She was so loving and cuddly dog with us. Couldn't get enough kisses, loved to lay on the couch with us, sleep in our bed. Followed us everywhere.

We grew so attached, couldn't believe how far she had come. She started to like people after about 6-8 months, but still was very stressed if we weren't around, would panic and run.

Unfortunately this story has a sad ending. After just 11 short months of having her, we were out for an extended period of time, so we had a friend go to the house to check on her.

"Momma" knew this friend well. But, this night, because we weren't the ones coming through the door, she panicked and got out through the door. It happened at night, it was dark out, she ran towards the road, would not respond to being called and unfortunately was hit by a car and killed instantly.

We were devastated. Couldn't believe it happened. I've lost dogs before, but never one like her. She had come so far, from her abused life in the puppy mill. I know her short 11 months of freedom, were awesome for her. She put a smile on our face every day.

To this day, we still have a hard time accepting this tragic accident, the guilt is crazy. We think of her daily. It's such a loss. She made our life so happy, she was such a little sweetie. She should of had so much life left, but an unfortunate tragedy.

We don't regret this RESCUE, it was one of the best things we've ever done...She was absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. It's just not fair it ended in this way. "Momma's" in our hearts.

I've been looking once again, but still not sure I'm ready yet. When the time is right, we will once again, be looking for a "rescue" Yorkie.

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