by Glittercharmed

Molly is my feisty little chorkie, she just turned 16 weeks.

Molly weighs about 3 1/2 pounds. She is 1 out of a litter of 4 and is the only long hair out of the bunch.

I have worked hard on socializing her and it seems to have worked well because whenever I take her anywhere she loves to greet people and even other dogs.

I have a 12 year old chihuahua and Molly seems to be a lot more feisty, must be the terrior in her.

I have been researching Chorkies a lot and they are varied a lot in size shape and looks- some look more like a chihuahua, some more like yorkies and then of course in-between.

I've heard barking is inevitable with this mix but so far she isn't much of a barker, only to pester her big sister lacy!

Molly is very smart and a joy to have around. I have taught her a lot of tricks, check her out on YouTube she is so cute, she has a little beard lol
I couldn't get her pics uploaded...

Check mollys video on YouTube:

just put Molly chorkie tricks in the search

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