miniture yorkshire terrier

by sarah


Hi I've just paid a deposit on a baby terrier he was only born yesterday I can take him home in seven weeks.

I have an 8 yr old labrador who has been brought up with smaller dogs and is very laid back!!!

Will the yorkshire terrier be ok with my dog?


Your yorkie should be fine with your labrador.

We brought Harry (yorkie) and Tasha (black lab) to our house when Tasha was 6 and they got along perfectly.

Our yorkie did tend to get a bit over excited and our lab sometimes would tire of him, but she just learnt to ignore him when she wasn't in the mood and our yorkie would look for attention from us instead.

They did make quite a cute couple around the house :)

As long as you still shower attention on your lab so no jealousy issues arise they should get on just fine.

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