Mini (2010-2013)

by Josh C
(Burlington, MA)

So lets go back to August 2010, when I was nine. My parents told me we were going to home depot to get a new doorknob for my bedroom door.

I just went to get out of the house.

We drove to my confusion all the way to Salem NH, which was weird because the nearest store was in Tewksbury, MA which is a nearby town.

We pulled up to a store called "The Puppy Palace" in Salem. I looked around the little pens until I saw the most adorable one there. I was looking for a Yorkshire terrier anyway, and she was one.

So after my parents filled out paperwork we waited a few days and came back a few days later to pick her up.

We went to breakfast at this AWESOME restaurant in Melrose, MA and then drove to Salem. I named my new puppy Mini because of her size.

Several amazing years later, June 29, 2013 came. I was 12. I noticed that my dog had a limp. My dog advised I let her rest after she goes out. So when I did I went with her. She went to hide in the shade. I let her in, fed her, and put her in her kennel where she fell into a deep sleep.

I went to burger king for lunch, and while I was gone my dad called a house call vet. He texted me saying she was in bad condition. When I came home I was told by my crying dad that she died.

I just ran into my room and played Black Ops on my Xbox 360. I played online multiplayer but without my headset.

I called my girlfriend Holly and she was crying too. Both summers 2010 and 2013 were the best of my life, despite the life-shattering tradgedy in the latter.

Sorry it was long.

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