Miel my wonderful sweet angel, RIP

by IvoryIllusion

I still can't believe that Miel is gone. Five days have passed and yet it still hurts so much. I feel like she is at the vet clinic and will come back. I miss her so terribly. Some people can't get how it feels to lose a pet. They think it's an easy simple matter. It isn't that simple. It's as hard as losing a person and sometimes even harder. Miel wasn't only my dog, she was my sweet little baby, my happy pill, my light on a dark day, my all time companion and friend, she simply was everything at a time when I had nothing. She gave me emotional satisfaction, fulfilled the need of the motherhood in me.
I miss her innocence, her round button like eyes, her wagging tail and sweet kisses.
She left taking a huge chunk of my heart with her, all the tears in the world wont be enough to make it any easier.
Wherever I look in the house I see her, not a corner that she hasn't had a memory in. The couch were she squeezes by my side, the car where she sleeps on my lap, the kitchen where she waits for her food, the toilet where she opens the door and scare me.... endless places and memories.
I am sure if she was here she wont allow me to cry, she never liked it. She would lick me and do anything to change my mood, but now she isn't here anymore....

The past two months were very hard, she was very ill and it killed me to see her slowly fade away while I watched unable to do anything to cure her...
That phone call from the vet was hard to hear "Miel might not live through the day, you better come and stay by her side". I went crying all the way there, and saw her. She wasn't aware of anything, didn't even know I was there. The Vet placed her on my lap and left me with her for a moment. I was saying goodbye to my baby... Then I decided it was time to let go, it was time for her to rest... I kissed her, I can't remember how many times before the vet put her to sleep... It was the most painful hours in my whole life... And still, I ask myself, if only I waited little longer... maybe... but then...facts has no maybe...

Miel, I miss you my dubdub, I will always do as long as I live...I never loved a pet like I loved you... May we be joined in the afterlife where I will love you for eternity not to worry about death separating us ever again!

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Feb 07, 2013
Miel watches you from heaven
by: Vicki M.

It broke my heart to read about the passing of your precious Miel. She looks like she was a beautiful little lady in the picture you posted.
Saying goodbye to our furbabies is such a difficult thing to do. The hole in our hearts slowly fills in but never closes all the way, for that tiny bit of our furbaby, fills that area. At 53 I have owned many pets, dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, sheep, bunnies, etc, growing up on a farm. I have seen more than my share of God's creatures leave this world for the Rainbow Bridge. Each time, it was difficult, and deeply touched my soul.
I have sat next to a beloved pet while the vet administered the medication to take them from my world, into a world we can only imagine, full of beauty, joy and greatness.
I like to believe that when my time comes, they will be there waiting for me, and together we will walk into heaven, with no suffering, illness, aches or pains. Just being at our prime, to exist in what the Lord has in store for us.
I know this doesn't lessen your heartache, your sadness. Grieving is a process that we all must go through, and I believe that it helps heal our heart. Not making it whole, but making us realize how wonderful all life is, and anyone or anything that has touched your heart enough to make it hurt, was well worth having in your life.
May Miel watch down from heaven and send comfort. I bet she knew you were with her as you made that difficult decision to end her suffering. If only by your smell, she knew. She will one day look over her shoulder to see you coming to gather her up in your arms again, and begin your next journey together. I hope that brings you a bit of peace. God bless you.

Feb 10, 2013
Miel the Little Angel
by: Denyse

Your story has brought tears to my eyes, and though I have never met you or little Miel my heart breaks for your loss. I know how attached I have become with my not yet 2 year old Lily. I relate so much to those precious moments you had with Miel.
The love I have for my little yorkie just amazes
me! I did not think I could love a dog this much, but I certainly do. She is my little shaddow.
Please feel good about the life you gave to Miel.This should be a comfort to you.
I hope you will feel better soon and know that I will be thinking of you and am very sorry for you loss. Hugs,

Jun 23, 2014
Feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I lost my Nikki 5 days ago also. Only her death was tragic. I can't get the images out of my mind. My poor baby! I totally understand the grief you are feeling. Just as you, I'm totally lost. Looking for her, waiting for her to scratch at the bathroom door to come in. I feel your pain. Nikki was my baby! Loved her with all my heart. Sorry for your loss!

Jun 01, 2015
Thought and prayers for you.
by: Anonymous

I'm so moved to tears for your loss and can empathize, I.have had my girl for 9 months and can't imagine fully your loss. I pray you are comforted by the love you were given.

Sep 06, 2015
Sharing the sadness
by: Tiffany's Mommy

It has been 22 days since I had to euthanize my 15 year old Yorkie. Last night I cried for 5 hours straight, and we will see what tonight will bring. She was my life, my everything. Life doesn't even make sense anymore. I'm swinging back and forth between denial and extreme distress. Somehow, I always felt that once she died, my own life would end as well, as if it's usefulness would cease.

I knew how attached I was to her, we were rather inappropriately interdependent. So I slowly amassed three other pups to protect myself from the emptiness. I'm trying so hard to baby them right now and restructure the social dynamics. But my connection to them is so much less.

She was so precocious, communicative, exuberant, and intelligent, as if she were a strange small furry human, and not a mere canine. She was the only family I ever had, and the being I loved most in my 40 years. She was my reason for breathing.

Not sure what happens now. I stare at adoption sites and breeder webpages. But how do you find the personality again?

I keep feeling like she will jump up on the bed and my her butt on my shoulder, any minute now.

And why can't I remember her bark? of all things to forget. That little fuzz butt barked her brains out in those 15 years. Guaranteed I heard over a million barks in her time.

So sad to read other pet parents stories. So heartbreaking to know their last moments.

Hugs to you all. Maybe someday I will find another highly spirited, bossy, fearless, loyal, needy, loving Yorkie, and be able to report back another love story.

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