Mia's human mom

by Lyn

it's been a month since my Yorkie girl of almost 15 years left. Her absence is most certainly felt by us her human parents as well as by her Yorkie family. Her partner is depressed in spite of the additional TLC we are giving him. He sits by the door as if waiting for her return. I hold him and talk to him and tell him that she is in doggie Heaven this probably helps me more than him. When we brought her ashes home we let the three Yorkies smell the pouch and her favorite blanket in which she was wrapped when she left. I can still imagine seeing her on her pillow, I can still
imagine hearing her bark, and yes, I choke and my eyes tear up. There is no easy way to cope with the loss of a beloved pet I miss my little girl Mia; I know time will heal but for now a tear rolls down my face when I think about her and I pray that she is safe in the loving embrace of the God.

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