by Sharon

My dogs name is Mercedes and she is a female Yorkie Chihuahua Mix. We always call her Meche for short.

She just turned 2 years old this month of May 2010.

Mercedes loves to eat, especially meat. If i have food with me she would follow me until i give her food.

She gets nervous when i take her out to walk. When i walk on the street she stops in the middle of the street and i have to pick her up until she feels comfortable to walk again.

My dogs doesn't like to go in the car, she use to throw up when i did but ive been taking her more often so she got used to it. if she does go in the car with me, she would have to stay on my lap the whole time and if i move her she gets really stiff and nervous.

She loves to get her belly rubbed, I rub her belly more then once a day.

I love to give her attention and when she gets happy and excited she stands up and starts to jump then, she lies on her back and waits till her belly is rubbed, its her favorite thing. Since she was little she would make moaning sounds when i pick her up or give her a belly rub. She also loves to lay on comfortable places.

My dog is very very friendly, she has never bit me or other people.

She is also really obedient. If i tell her to go in her cage, she immediately runs to go in.

She also loves to sleep with me, and sometimes while she is sleeping she starts to bark slowly.

My dog is really smart, she doesn't go to the bathroom in the house because she knows shes not suppose.

I also have another dog. Its a male toy poddle named Robin. Mercedes is super attached to him. Mercedes is the same age as him.

We got Robin in the same place we got Mercedes. Sometimes when my dad takes Robin with him, my dog Mercedes starts crying and searches around the house like crazy trying to find Robin. When my dog Robin comes back, she gets really happy.

Everytime Im watching tv i see both my dogs laying on each other and licking each others ear. Its so cute cause they love each other so much.

I love Mercedes to death and I don't know what I would do with out her.

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