Meet our Chorkie Toby!

by Mary Nichols
(Forney, Texas)

Watches out the window like it's a t.v.

Watches out the window like it's a t.v.

Watches out the window like it's a t.v.
Has to be wherever I am.

We keep dogs for life and until Toby, we'd only had Cocker Spaniels. I despised Chihuahuas!

Then one day, we stopped off at my son's best friend's house to borrow fishing poles and a Yorkie/Chihuahua puppy came running down the driveway.

For me, it was love at first sight. I looked everywhere for a dog just like him. I checked rescue organizations, pet stores, flea markets, the newspaper, and everywhere online.

Nobody had this mix. I was heartbroken because I knew my Cocker was not going to live much longer and I needed to get another dog soon.

Then the sister called me one day. She had a new baby and the puppy demanded too much attention. Could I take him?

I wasted no time in going to get him and he has been my best bud for the past six years. It took awhile to teach him to play ball but he fetches, catches, plays soccer and even volleys the ball back to us.

Toby was easy to house train and I think it's because he's a little OCD. If you roll the ball and it touches a box or basket or trash pail, he has to touch that object with his nose before he returns with the ball.

He entertains guests in our home with this odd habit and provides us hours and hours of laughter and cuddle time.

Oh, and those Chihuahuas that I despise? I adopted one of those from a shelter. All because of Toby.

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May 17, 2012
Hello Little Toby
by: Vicki M.

Isn't it funny how sometimes dogs find us? I also have a Cocker, Rory. I found Max, our Schnorkie running down a very busy street last May. After failed attempts to find the owner Max adopted us. He is such a loving little thing but the housebreaking has been a chore. And our overly posessive Rory has finally grown to love him. Boy did we have some pretty wicked dog fights in the beginning though.
I am glad that you now have Toby and that Toby has you. It was meant to be. For you it was love at first sight and sometimes that is very powerful. Toby is a cutie pie. Wishing you many more years of happiness and antics.

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