by Shelley

This is Max sticking his tongue out he is so cute.

My Max goes with me just about everywhere he follows me around the house.

He can be asleep and if I move to another seat in the house he will get up come over lay by me and go right back to sleep.

The housebreaking has been a real struggle.

Max goes in the morning to be neutered and has to stay over night at the vet dont know how he will do being away from me that long or vise versa.

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Sep 09, 2010
by: Shelley

Max did fine with his surgery,BUT when I got there they told me they pulled 3 of his teeth without calling me.When I took in my Maltese to be neurtered he needed teeth pulled too at least they called me and when they didn't reach me they did it for free.I went to a different vet because mine was booked not doing that again.They also told me that they feed him, there is no way they did he did not stop eating for forever when he got home.

Oct 03, 2010
by: ASheka in Va

Your Max is adorable. look at those eyes! i bet you were upset about that vet visit. :( Good to know that he is doing well!

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