Male wanting to have sex,, But she isnt letting Him?

by Jamie Okkema
(Crestview Fl United States of America)

well we aren't really sure if my Yorkie girl (Roxy) is in heat? Well ever since we have gotten her ( 1 month ago ) the boy (Rocky) has just been whininggg and crying and licking her butt and humping her all the time.. well it has driven us up the wall and we are completely tired of it. well the bad thing is the she doesn't want him to do it so he cry's and cry's and cry's for her.. what do I do?? Is this normal?? Helpp!

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Jun 01, 2010
Concerned for Roxy
by: SC

Many questions here....... How old is Roxy? Has she been to the Veterinarian's office? Is your intention to breed her or is she recreation for Rocky?
Roxy needs her own be the special little Yorkie that she is. Rocky needs to settle down and to be separated from Roxy, it's simply not fair to Roxy. This can cause a great deal of "stress" for her, should this excessive behavior from Rocky continues. Please separate them for Roxy's sake. Rocky needs to know that this constant behavior is unacceptable. There is a window of time for mating and after that it needs to stop. (Separate them if he is unable to control himself or get him neutered) You should know some female dogs are simply not interested in mating, they just want to be cared for and loved by their owners.

Please be sure to contact your vets office with this concern.

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