Male or female yorkie?

by Anita


I need some help. I have a male yorkie already. He is 17 months. My dilemma is that, I have to make a decisin whether I want another male or female yorkie. Right now I have a male and female 7 week yorkie to choose from. Cant
decide ...


I think this is a something you must decide by yourself, however there are several things you might want to think about before deciding.

Has your male yorkie been neutered? If he hasn't and you decide to get a female now, are you going to want to breed? If you don't want to breed, you must think about getting them fixed.

Sometimes if you have two males there might be competition about who is top dog, so in this sense it might be easier to integrate the opposite sex.

It also depends very much on the character of the yorkie you already own. What is he like? Does he have a very dominant character etc?

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