by Leticia Morejon
(Cayman Islands)

Well first of all my dog is a yorkie mix with chihuahua, i really love my dog an she is also a female dog.

Like it barks at everyone and we always have to lock it up when strangers come over so my dog can stop barking and it also poops a lot in the house an stinks up the place.

Well besides that it very nice an loving when it gets to know you more. In order for it to like you it has to get to know you more an then she will be very nice to you. If she doesn't know you well then she will bark at you an try to bite you, she isn't very nice at first.

She also likes to take long walks, and stuff normal dogs would do. Even though she can be really hard to handle at first it gets easy .

she still need some more house training like she needs to stop pooping in the house. I always walk her in the evening for like 15 mins or 20 or sometimes more if i have nothing to do, but she is also a very good guard dog she makes sure nothing gets in my way an always protects me.

Well thats all for now i guess :)

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Apr 07, 2010
Great Blog
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing!! Yorkies Rule!

Oct 26, 2010
Easy Train
by: Anonymous

Hi Maddie mom! I also have a chorkie named Bruno
He also started pooping in the house and it was double working me.I had him since March and I'm just now starting a routine which is really working.Mornings before work outside to strech and use it, no food! just water. Evenings same but food and water! then he's out of his house for about 2hrs, just before 8pm food or snack with water and then third trip outside to use it and run, after that he's brush down really good and back in his house. Maybe once or twice a week he may poop in the middle of the night, but he's learning to hold it! and the smell is totally gone in my house, people don't beleive a dog lives on the inside. I burns yankee candles"lime vanilla" He's my perfect house pet!

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