luckys mommy

by kerry jo
(pleasant view co)

On Sept 11 2013 we had to put our little girl down. She was 14 yrs old. We loved her soooo much.

She had total blindness, kidney failure, cushings. Oh, she loved us too.

Both my husband and I cried so hard. We had her cremated and she is still home with us!!

At the time, I said no more dogs of any kind. My heart was so so broken, I became very depressed.

About a week ago, my friend called me. She said her Yorkies just had a liter, what do I think, and would I want another one?

Well, of course its been about 4 months now, & my heart has somewhat healed.

I said oh yes, please. I will be picking Bella up next week. Can't wait!! Yorkies are the best and smartest dogs ever to me.

Never say never I guess. I don't feel depressed anymore!!

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