Lost My 10 year old Yorkie and I am so distraught

by robin

I noticed a week that my yorkie was thinner. He started peeing and just dropping poops around house.

I then noticed wheezing and finally he spiked temperature.

I brought him in to vet....liver was twice the size and he was anemic and dehydrated.

He advised me to put him down but I asked if there was anything he could try so he did iv antibiotics and iv fluid.

Well his appetite came back and he seemed to be on upswing.

Just to note he had 22 teeth removed years back. I noticed his breath odor was back even though I brushed his teeth.

Vet said teeth were loose so that could be it but he was not sure.

Brought him home with meds and he spiked 103 temp so back he went for more iv meds.

He was there a day and then he sparked up again so vet let me take him home with iv catheter so I could push antiobiotics.

Once again he stopped eating and was wheezing with respiration up again.

I was hopeful meds would work so on Monday morning I gave meds kissed his little head and went to work.

When I returned he was dead on bed.

I cannot get over the guilt and miss him so much I feel like crawling in a hole.

This was my best friend and he died alone with no real answer why?

I am so devestated!

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Sep 03, 2011
10 year old yorkie passed away
by: Anonymous

I understand. I lost my 18 year old persian cat in april in similar circumstances - after spending a fortune at vets on iv, scans and antibiotics. It was cancer of the spleen suddenly. You did all you could for your friend. He knew that. You gave him a chance twice at the vets and brought him home. He was grateful for that. He died alone in the place he was most familiar - and a place we would all wish to die in - our own bed. Most people die alone and animals. I lost my mother a week after my persian. she was not so lucky. she died in hospital "helped " along with syringe drivers and euthanasia medicines. It is sad, but have him cremated and put his ashes into the back of a teddy bear in a little plastic bag. That way you can hold him near your heart whenever you need to.

Sep 24, 2011
by: Yorkie mom

Sorry about your loss I know just how you feel I recently lost my 10 yr. old yorkie Baxter he was my best best friend and I just wanted to go with him:( I hope you feel better.Just know he is watching over you and he knows he is in your heart and will always be there till they day you die because you wouldn't need to keep him in your heart you can hold him in your arms:)I know it is hard know but you will get over it.And don't feel like your replacing him when you get a puppy,he will know your trying to fill in the gap of losing him and that you just can't stand not to have a companion,and shadow. It's hard to find the dog that can fill that big voide but a rescue dog can certainly do it!

I hope you feel better about your huge loss.

Yorkie mom

Dec 05, 2011
Your Yorkie
by: Gaynor

OMG im really soory for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx my girl Emily is 17 and 4 mths and back legs are going i know our time will come and irll be like you just heart broken.....shes my life xxxxxxxxxxxxxbless you Gaynor UK

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