Little Miss Pinkerton

by Susie Davidson
(Carson City, Nevada)

The story of Little Miss Pinkerton~

My name is Susie and my mom called one day, desperate, asking if I knew anyone that wanted a little "Maltese" (named Tinkerbell) as the original owner had died and the dog got shuffled here and there.

I asked around but there were no takers. My mom called again, this time sounding more desperate, and said that Tinkerbell was now destined for the animal shelter because she is a "problem; gets in the way;...."

She tells me this then throws a wrench into the equation--Tinkerbell is 10 years old! Well, being the animal lovers that we are, I told my husband--told, not ask--to go get Tinkerbell and we'll figure out what to do with her later.

Note: We already had two big dogs, both females, my 16-year-old female Aussie died two years prior, so I wasn't really "looking" for another dog.

My husband, Jim, goes to pick up Tinkerbell under the premise of just being a foster parent until we can find someone to adopt her.

Jim arrives to pick up Tinkerbell--one look and one lick was all it took; he was done--she was ours!

I arrive home from work that day (that's why I couldn't go along to pick her up) and there she is, a skinny, blonde, runny-nosed Yorkie. (Boy was my mom way off with her dog identifying skills!)

She was a little ratty looking as her hair was pretty long and had a terrible cold or allergies or something that caused massive dripping goo from her nose.

Since we decided to keep her, we took her to the vet and got the nose issue solved, she started to gain a little weight, got a haircut and a new name--"Pinkerton"; "Pink", for short.

Since having to correct her bad behavior and teach her the rules, I wanted to have a one-syllable name to call her when reprimanding; she took to it without a fight.

Pink was learning the rules, being completely fascinated with the size of our youngest dog ("Sierra"; shepherd), becoming a Diva and liking the good life at our house.

The weight gain was good, she looked healthy, but then her stomach started to bloat and tighten.

The good life as she knew it came to a screeching halt--her stomach was about to pop, we rushed her to the vet.

Much to our surprise, she had never been spayed (as her papers said she had) and was diagnosed with Pyometra. Doing what we do and why we do it, consented to emergency surgery.

She came through with flying colors and recuperated within a very short duration of time.

She is thriving and is very healthy to this day, unfortunately not too long ago she had to have five teeth pulled from an already somewhat bare mouth. Strange end to the teeth mishap---apparently according to her pathetic paperwork, the last vet she had gone to "cleaned her teeth". Yeah, her teeth were "perfect" and, of course, she was "spayed".

We need to ask for some assistance from you folks:

Pink still has a runny nose in her left nostril; I give her small amounts of Prednisone and that seems to help. But some days she really strains to, excuse the term, suck her runny boogies back in. The vet has prescribed antibiotics in the past and they also helped, but we're back to on-again, off-again runny nose. Any suggestions?

In closing, we are so happy to say that Pink is a wonderful addition to our family and we really like, LOVE, our little rescue.

It's our first time with a small dog; all others have been large. We oftentimes wonder "How could anyone send an old dog, that is salvagable, to the "pound"? Or any old dog, for that matter!!

That is why we want to start an animal rescue. The thought is in motion and the land is being sought. One day...

Best wishes,

Jim & Susie Davidson
Carson City, Nevada

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May 12, 2009
by: Rina

I love your blog. The photos are so adorable. I've just started my own blog on yorkies, and enjoy every minute of it. Please visit my blog.

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