Litter Training Yorkie Puppies!

Starting to train Yorkshire terrier puppies as soon as possible is a great idea. You should be prepared to give your pup plenty of time and attention. If you are not willing to do so then forget the whole idea, it would be a waste of time.

Litter Training your pup will mean that household accidents will be avoided and you won't have to get up in the middle of the night to go for a walk. Still don't want to give your pup some time and attention?

The benefits are there to be seen so let's start with Litter Training your Yorkshire terrier puppy.

Yorkshire Terriers of any age need to 'relieve' themselves several times a day. Obviously puppies are no exception and may even need to go more times than an adult. The trick is to keep to a schedule. Try and get eating and drinking habits in order and at regular intervals.

Once the eating and drinking schedule is in order the toilet schedule is next. Keep a close eye on when it looks like your Yorkie is ready to 'eliminate' and rush to the litter box with it. Place your Yorkie in the litter box and keep him there until it 'eliminates'. When he does 'eliminate' in the litter box give him plenty of praise.

In this training procedure you are required to restrict your Yorkies access to other rooms around the house. When you are not supervising him you should be keeping all the other rooms closed except for the one where the litter box is. At first he will have some difficulty understanding everything but remember to be patient.

So, accidents are accidents, do not get frustrated. Keep a tighter reign on where your Yorkie goes around the house. Provide fewer options so that the litter box is the only option.

Using a dog crate during this training process is also a good idea. Your Yorkie will soon distinguish between the two and will sleep and relax in the dog crate and 'eliminate' in the litter box. When you are unable to keep an eye on your Yorkie use the dog crate.

Yorkies will be very reluctant to 'eliminate' in their dog crate so keeping them in there for a while will be fine. They will wait until they are let out to do anything. If they do have an accident in the dog crate chances are they will be upset and embarrassed about it.

Once the crate and the litter box have been distinguished and are not confused move your Yorkie to a small room. In this room put the dog crate and the litter box. This is the natural progression in this training process. From being confined to the crate to a larger space, the small room.

If you find that your Yorkie digresses from using the litter box and instead uses the larger area around it return to confining it to the dog crate as before.

However, if training goes as planned then move your Yorkie into a larger living area until, finally, the entire household is open to him.

If you need a complete yorkshire terrier training guide, why not check out the e-book we have written specifically with yorkshire terriers in mind!

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