Litter Training Already Housebroken Dogs

Litter Training for those dogs that have already been housebroken should be a simple task.

They will already be able to recognise commands, and if you use a specific command when you are walking your dog so that it 'eliminates like 'go' then use that. The command will give your dog the indication that it is alright to 'eliminate' in the house. However, dogs that have been trained and know that it is not acceptable to 'eliminate' in the house may find this command hard to understand. After all, it does go against previous training.

To counter this possibility try keeping your dog confined to the area where the litter box is during the time when it usually needs to 'eliminate'. While keeping your dog confined to this area use the 'go' command or whatever word or phrase you would use in this circumstance.

Litter Training older dogs is like teaching them a new trick. Young dogs find learning a lot easier but don’t think that your ageing dog doesn’t still have some youth left in him. Teaching older dogs litter training can be and most probably will be a time consuming task. This is primarily because many of them will be reluctant to do something that they have been told in the past is naughty.

To get him to use the litter box try and put some of his 'poo' in the box. This will provide your Yorkie with a scent that he will familiarize with 'eliminating'. Using the 'scent' technique should give your Yorkie the idea that the litter box is a more than acceptable place to 'eliminate'.

Once the litter box starts working make sure that you give your Yorkie loads of praise. I can't stress this point enough. Getting a housebroken dog to do something that it thinks is totally unacceptable can be tricky, so if they learn that it is alright you have to give them the proof. Praising them is more then enough proof.

However, if the indoor litter box training doesn't work then try it outside. Take your Yorkie outside during the usual 'elimination' times and try and get him to 'eliminate' in the litter box. Once again, using the 'scent' technique is a good idea. Once this begins to work then move the litter box closer and closer to the house and eventually indoors.

So, in conclusion, remember that already housebroken dogs will find litter box training confusing to begin with. Especially since it goes against previous training. Patience is important, as with any other training procedure. Once your Yorkie has mastered the training you will be able to continue with your regular schedule in the knowledge that if your Yorkie needs to go at random times he will use the litter box.

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