Litter Training. A great way to 'Eliminate' Accidents

Litter Training is a great way to keep your house clean and your Yorkie happy.

Male Yorkshire Terriers are infamous for marking their spot both indoors and outdoors so why not get them to do their 'marking' in the same place each time?

Litter Training is an excellent way of keeping your Yorkie from doing it on every upstanding object in the house.

Even when you are able to take your Yorkie out regularly it can get the sudden urge to 'eliminate'. For people who live in apartments, work away from home all day or those who are handicapped and elderly, litter training is a great solution.

Not only does this kind of training work as a solution for the owner, but for the dog as well. Many Yorkies realise that when they 'eliminate' in the house they are misbehaving and they get embarrassed or shy away for a while. Once they see that they have a designated area they can use they will no longer feel like they have done wrong.

Training should start, if possible, at puppy age. Buy a litter box and some litter. Also needed are cleaning supplies. As you probably would have guessed, cleaning supplies are needed to completely remove any stains and odours from anywhere else around the house. The idea is that your Yorkie only returns to one place to eliminate. Read a more in-depth description of litter training for puppies.

They will soon acknowledge that the litter box is the only place in the house that they can 'eliminate' in, but be prepared for a few accidents along the way. Yorkies are intelligent dogs so they will soon understand the message you are putting across to them.

If you do not have the chance to train your Yorkie from puppy age then you may need to take a slightly different approach. Housebroken dogs may not want to 'eliminate' in the house if it goes against what they have already learnt.

Removing the litter is very simple, okay so it's not a fun job but it has to be done. Simply empty the litter into a rubbish bag or scoop up solids separately. Be careful when disposing of solids down the toilet. Yorkies produce small solids so they should not block up pipes but bigger solids can be a problem!

When you are shopping for a dog litter using newspaper or even wood shavings is a good idea. Using cat litter is not such a good idea as your Yorkie might decide to dig a hole!

So, in conclusion, Litter Training is a great way to stop little accidents from happening around the house. It will result in a better relationship between you and your Yorkie. Patience is a virtue though, don't expect results straight away.

If you need a complete yorkshire terrier training guide, why not check out the e-book we have written specifically with yorkshire terriers in mind!

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