Leaving you yorkie behind

Leaving your pet behind when you have to go on a business trip or away for any other reason is tough. I remember a couple of years ago our house was caught in a fire and we had to move out for nearly a year. During this time our dogs had to be in a kennel because we couldn't rent anywhere that would allow pets. It was very upsetting for all of us.

Luckily for us we knew about a kennel that was close by. The owners were very nice and after having a look around the living conditions for the dogs we decided it was the best place for them to stay.

There are of course other places where you can leave your pets. The most important thing being that they are in the care of someone you can trust. It is always good to leave them in the hands of someone who is familiar with them or who at least has some experience with looking after animals.

Your pet should get along well with this person so arrange some visits. If this person has pets it is also a good idea to make sure both sets of pets get along with each other. Remember that some pets can be very territorial, which is understandable, and will not appreciate attention being diverted or even its space being invaded!

Then there are the basic responsibilities you have to your Yorkie. These include, making sure all vaccinations are up to date, there is plenty of food, all its medication is available, itÂ’s had a good bath and groom. Also leave a couple of up to date photos just in case your Yorkie goes looking for you!

If you are only going for a short while and have decided to hire a pet sitter or caretaker make sure they are comfortable around your Yorkie and have some experience with them. Yorkie's are very energetic and territorial. They do like to stamp their authority in situations where they feel threatened or even unsure.

Lastly leave a number that you can be contacted on and give your Yorkie a big hug before you go!

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