Leaving pet in dog crate all day....

by Yorkie Mama

This is one of those very sensitive family issues and I could really use some advice.

A "relative" recently bought a beautiful little puppy! I actually helped her find him and get him so I feel a little responsible for his well-being.

Ok, enough of all that, the problem is my relative leaves the little one in a crate all day while they are gone.

I know they love their pet very much but I have to be careful on how I approach this. It breaks my heart and I just do not feel it is right to leave a pet in a crate all day!!

I am lucky I do not work and have never had to worry about leaving my pet and I do not want to come across like I am judging or criticizing.

I am still relatively young and still learning how to voice my opinion.

Can anyone here please give me some tips or hints?? Thanks in advance!

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Oct 05, 2011
Personally, I won't crate my yorkie all day
by: Anonymous

Before I brought Romeo home (he's a Yorkie) my plan was to keep him in his crate.

As a matter of fact the breeder suggested I keep him crated and only take him out 3x a day for 15 min play.

Once I got Romeo I let him explore the house so he could get familiar with his home.

The first night I let him sleep in the dog crate and was awaken by him crying ... You see he had done potty in the crate and wanted me to know so I could clean it up.

I immediately removed Romeo from the crate and put him in my bed and since that night he's never been crated again.

I keep the crate in a corner with the door open and have noticed that he will sneak in there from time to time when he wants to be alone.

Romeo is allowed to run around the house but then again he is completely house trained and I don't have to worry about accidents.

To crate or not to crate depends on an individual's lifestyle and home setting but me personally, I could not leave my Romeo in a crate (and ALL day at day too).

I wish you luck in getting your message across and it being received positively (not critically).

Oct 05, 2011
be their puppy sitter
by: Anonymous

You could tell them you could watch it while they work so it does not have to be in a crate all day if that is at all possible.

Oct 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

I came upon this controversy myself when I first received my yorkie.

Being a nursing student= no free time.

I get home around 4pm and rather I'm doing homework or laundry my yorkie is with me.

While I am gone, he is crated.

The way I see it, he can be at a shelter crated day and night, or he can live with me and only be crated while he is alone. I do have someone take him to potty mid day though.

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