Jack Wright - Debbie's Best Friend and My Buddy.

by Sean and Debbie

Taking a break from the neighbor dogs

Taking a break from the neighbor dogs

Taking a break from the neighbor dogs
Sleeping on mommy is the best

Never far from mommy and Victoria and loved parties

The last few weeks were difficult for Jack.

Cancer came way too quick and drained him of his energy.

Our previously happy and social family member began to sleep more. Despite tumors, small ones, in several areas of his body as well as larger ones on his butt, throat and chest, he never complained and didn't appear to be suffering.

On 5/5/2014, a tumor invaded his right eye forcing it closed. It was then, I knew cancer was taking my buddy.

Later that night, Jack was gone and replaced by sad, tearful emptiness.

He went peacefully, both of us comforting him through something he would never understand; with one good eye, he watched Debbie as he went to sleep. THE WORST RESPONSIBILITY EVER!!!

Jack came to us through my uncle sometime in 2004-2005. Starting out as dog-sitting, he eventually integrated with our family and bonded with my wife, Debbie. He would bring her flowers every day if he could.

His favorite hobby was running back and forth at the fence with the neighbor dogs and hanging out with our two kids, his sister (Savannah) and my wife and me. He enjoyed life with the family he chose.

When getting home from work, he was always happy to see us and would spend time with us on the back porch. Always just happy to be around us.

In the evenings, Jack would lay underneath the recliner foot rests. I don't think I'll ever get used to not looking as I get up from the couch. I think he did it on purpose, really. Jack enjoyed sharing popcorn and the occasional potato chip with Debbie. He didn't eat a lot of people food, but he acted entitled to some of whatever she was eating.

Jack would remind us of his presence by putting his paw on our feet as if he was holding hands. He liked to cuddle(as long you were petting him). Jack would wrap his arms around our arms as he was getting his chest scratches. He loved to be close.

He has a collection of toys behind the couch that will likely stay there for a while. Whichever toy or treat his sister wanted, he would take. He'd give the toys back eventually, but the treats were fair game and if she could get his she did. Once she begins to notice his absence, we'll definitely make sure she gets love.

Some people fail to realize how attached you can become to these loving, purely innocent friends. Their lives are too short.

Jack, We'll always remember you and already miss you so much.

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May 30, 2014
"Sad".... :(
by: Kerry and Gary L

Oh my gosh (Sean and Debbie) I am so sorry to hear about Jack's passing, I know how much he'll be missed.

But perhaps Jack will run into one of his "old neighbors" (Sally and/or Kahlua) up in Heaven....wouldn't that be cool? The idea of them there together, playing, really makes me smile. :)

Anyway "BIG Hugs" to you both!
Love You Bunches!!
Kerry and Gary L

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