Introduction to Lilly

by Julie

I was working in a retail store when I heard one of the customers talking about getting a couple of dogs from an individual who rescues dogs.

This customer went on to tell about a choclate yorkie that she saw there and talked of going back to get her.

A few days later she was in the store again so I asked her if she had gone back for the yorkie.

She said no and then whipped out her cell phone and gave me the rescue lady's phone number after she called her to check if the yorkie was still available.

Later that day on my break, I phoned Sandra, the rescue lady, and made an appointment to see the dog when it was convenient for her.

I went the next day with my small son in tow. He had been wanting what he called a "sweater dog" (chihuahua) but I know they usually bark a lot and can become possessive of one individual in the house.

I did not think that was the dog for us but Sandra said she had several chihuahuas as well. I explained to my then three year old that if the dog did not like us or we did not like the dog no matter how cute we would not be taking one home.

We arrived at the appointed time but Sandra was not there. We waited for her to arrive. When she did we looked at a few of the dogs that she had in one sheltered area but did not see any we wanted.

I asked to see the yorkie, told my son to sit down on the ground so he would not rush the dog and scare her and waited while they went to get her.

Suddenly this ball of beautiful golden/brown/red fur came running out of nowhere and landed smack in my son's lap on her back, tongue lolling and very happy.

I guess you know there was no turning back. Lilly went home with us that night. Later when we received her papers we discovered she was born four days before my son in the same year.

She is a funny little dog. Sometimes a little testy but we love her anyway and are thankful to have her.

Not too long after Lilly came into our lives our cat died of lukemia. She was very sad and mopey so you guessed it, we went to the pound and got her a cat.

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