Information On Yorkshire Terriers - All you need to know

The following information on Yorkshire Terriers is the basic standard by which the breed is defined.

The Yorkshire Terrier, like many other breeds, has been given rigorous standards by which breeders must comply in order to register their dogs as Yorkshire Terriers.

Along with the accepted physical appearance is their expected temperament and personality. But dont worry these are just guidelines every Yorkie has a different personality and temperament, like us, there are no two alike.


Information On Yorkshire Terriers

A Yorkshire Terrier generally has long hair, that parts on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail.

Its hair should hang straight down and evenly on both sides of its body. The Yorkies body should be well proportioned, compact and neat with its high head giving it an air of importance.

Being a small dog its head should be small and rather flat on top with a skull that is not very round. The muzzle should not be too long and a black nose is a must. Its teeth are regular with no overbite or underbite.

The eyes, although not prominent, are to an extent vivacious and the ears are v-shaped and not too far apart.

With a prominent but compact body the height of the shoulders should be the same as that of the rump. Forelegs and hindlegs should be straight when viewed from infront and behind. Feet are round with black toenails.

The Yorkies tail is docked to half length and is carried at a level slightly higher than that of the back.

One of the most attractive features about Yorkshire Terriers is it's coat, which is very silky, glossy and perfectly straight. Its colour is black and tan for puppies and dark-steel blue and tan for adults.

The body is darker, either black or the dark-steel blue and the rest of the body, especially the head is a shiny tan colour.

Being very small dogs Yorkshire Terriers should not weigh more than 7 pounds. Due to their bone structure too much weight can be harmful to them. Of course, a Yorkie weighing below 4 pounds should also be encouraged to put on a bit more weight.

Yorkshire Terrier Temperament:

Even though it is a small dog the Yorkshire Terrier seems practically unaware of its size! It is very vocal when it meets strangers or feels threatened in any way, therefore it is a good guard dog because if it hears any unfamiliar sounds or even ones it does know, like the front door opening, it will most probably react.

In many cases it reacts to sounds like this because it wants to be the first to greet whoever is coming into the house, not because it wants to scare them away.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a very brave dog and is willing to put itself on the line for you. It shows great compassion towards its owner and is forever loyal to you. Research about Yorkshire Terriers shows that it was originally used in the mines for catching rats so it is no surprise that it still maintains its need for adventure and the odd bit of trouble.

Its high energy level means that it is not too suitable for young children but perfect for slightly older more mature ones who have more time to go out for walks and enjoy playing games.

With such a strong personality the Yorkie is a very independent dog around the house. It will come and go as it pleases and will investigate every nook and cranny it possibly can. Therefore it is no surprise that information on Yorkshire Terriers show that it does not like to be locked in a room for long hours, teased excessively or ignored.

The Yorkie needs to be shown that it is a wanted pet, otherwise it will become very depressed and will find its owner intimidating.

Further information on Yorkshire Terriers:

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