by Gary
(Dade City, FL)



Lucy in carport

I am still working through the grief of the greatest loss of my 67 years of life as I had to put my Lucy, a West Highland Terrier, to sleep at the age of 12.5 years.

I had her since she was 21 months old and she was the first female dog I owned. She was diagnosed with cancer and arthritis in March 2011 and had so much pain, etc that by June 23rd I had to make the terrible decision to let her go.

Oh what heartache! I am still hurting and it is now August.

Lucy and I met at the Humane Society in Tampa many years ago and it was instant love, but she was on hold for another family which ultimately turned out to be the seventh family to not show up to adopt her.

I called a day later and was told she was available to me and I took her. The bond which developed was the strongest I've known and I have had some strong bonds... I will attach some pictures for you to see her.

Now I have a Yorkie who came to me because his owner passed away. He is only fourteen months old and spent most of his life in a dog crate.

His former owner didn't get him until he was already eight months old and he was in a crate for his entire life up to that point.

The former owner's widow called after learning of Lucy's death and asked me to take the Teddy so here I am learning about a different breed. He's a lot to handle compared to Lucy but then she was active when I first got her those many years ago.

Teddy is helping me cope with my loss and I think I am also helping him cope with his. The training is progressing and it appears he didn't have much before.

He is loving so things will work out for both of us I'm sure.

Pictures of both are being attached.

Thanks for letting me talk about my grief. I miss Lucy so much but Teddy is now taking up the slack....

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Sep 24, 2011
by: Yorkie mom

Sorry about your loss whick i'm sure you have heard a trillon times but,I really really mean it. Good luck with Teddy your Yorkie.

I hope you know she is watching you from doggie heaven. hold her in your heart till you die and then you can hold her in your arms and say your hello's and give each other kisses and hugs and say long time no see.

Putting one down is hard I know but Teddy will try his best to please you and help fill the void and make a shadow and companion.

You will get so caught up with the needs of Teddy and other wonderful moments that you will forget you even lost her.

Best wishes and good luck kisses from Teddy!!

Yorkie mom

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