How to Treat Flea Bites on Dogs

Before learning how to treat flea bites, it is important to first remove all dog fleas that are currently on your dog and kill all dog fleas/eggs at home.

Use a dog flea comb to find the fleas on your dog and remove and kill them. You do not want to start treating your dog for fleas only to have them bite again the second you move away!

Follow these simple tips on how to treat flea bites to relieve your dogs itching:

  • First thing you should do is keep your dog clean once you have noticed the flea bites.  Keeping him clean will help prevent future infections which can arise from the constant scratching and possible bleeding due to this. 
  • Bathe your dog, but make sure to use cold water which will help soothe your dogs’ skin and will also relieve some of the itchiness it will be feeling.  Warm water could aggravate the problem.
  • It would be a good idea at this point to use a good dog flea shampoo, which kills any fleas you might have missed but that also has something to soothe the itch for your dog.  Try looking for a Dog Flea Shampoo which possibly contains aloe to sooth the skin.  Do not use a flea shampoo only as it might sting if your dog has lots of bites at this point.
  • If your dogs skin is very inflamed from the bites, which could be due to a flea allergy, go to your vet or even a local pharmacy and buy a hydrocortisone cream. This will actually lower the inflammation and will also soothe your dogs skin.
  • If you see that your dog has really been attacked by the fleas and is absolutely covered in bits I would take him straight to a vets as he may need a steroid injection. This is very important as a bad case of flea bites can cause anaemia!

Remember dog flea prevention is the best way to tackle this problem.  Even if your dog shows no signs of flea infestation, always take appropriate measures to make sure he doesn't get dog fleas.

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