How to stop my yorkie puppy from eating his poop?

by Aneta


Hi, I have a 9 weeks male puppy. He eats his poop.

Why does he eat his poop? How can I stop him from doing it? I clean straight away, but it’s just few seconds for that happen.

I am giving him royal canin for mini puppies and probiotic treats. I have heard that a pineapple may help, but will that affect his digestion? Is he not too young to eat pineapple?


Hi Aneta,

We have covered this here. You may want to give it a try?

The use of pineapple relates to a Bromelain deficiency in the diet, but it sounds like you are feeding your dog well?

I don’t see any harm in trying a small piece or 2 each day and see if there is any improvement. This should be relatively inexpensive.

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Apr 16, 2012
Poop Eating Yorkies
by: Reggie

I too have a Yorkie pup that eats his poop!!! Yuk!! And I also feed him Canin dog food.. My vet did recommend pineapple, but my dog trainer recommends kelp powder. Put a little on their food..I haven't tried either..but I think I will try the pineapple..
Hope it works!

Jul 27, 2014
My Yorkie Puppy eats Poop
by: Vicki Faraone

My 5 month old micro yorkie puppy just started eatin her own bowls just recently. I looked up reasons for this and 4 of them described her exactly so I am going to try the pineapple to see if this works.

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