Housebreaking Yorkshire Terriers - A Beginner's Guide

Housebreaking Yorkshire Terriers can be a fun and rewarding process. Puppies tend to need the toilet more often than more mature dogs so teaching them the ropes at this early stage of their lives is a very good idea.

Puppy training gives you and your dog the perfect opportunity to bond. By expressing delight and displeasure at the appropriate moments your dog will soon understand what it is you are on about!

Puppies, as mentioned above, need to urinate quite regularly. The first step should be to take it outside after its had a drink or got over excited and see if it will 'go'. Using words like 'go', 'wee-wee', 'potty' or anything else you can think of, will soon register in the dogs brain once they have been repeated plenty of times.

Remember, a puppy is very similar to a human baby, in the sense that it is learning how to understand what you say, and it needs words to be repeated constantly.

Training Yorkshire Terriers is very similar to most other dogs. Yorkshire Terriers are very intelligent dogs and are fast learners. Some dog owners feel it is important for their dog to know that it can 'eliminate' in the house aswell as outside if need be.

Although in an ideal world dogs would only 'go' ouside the house, it does help not to frighten it into thinking that it is going to get into trouble if it does anything in the house. A designated area inside the house is therefore a good idea.

Some people prefer to have newpapers on a tiled floor which is easy to clean. Some dog owners also like to use dog crates for puppy training, this is a good idea, as with others, when executed with plenty of patience and praise.

Keeping puppies in areas with few personal items and surfaces that are easy to clean is a very good idea. Puppies will want to get used to their new surroundings and so they will chew away at things and leave their 'mark' around interesting smells.

Trying to get your dog to find a good spot somewhere that is also good for you is an important step. Puppy training should definately involve this as once they find a spot that they are happy with and see that they are receiving praise for it they will continue to use that spot.

Dogs of all ages will associate their actions with praise so by praising them when are they please you is vital.

So, in conclusion, housebreaking Yorkshire Terriers can be a rewarding experience, it is a chance for the two of you to bond. Praise plays a monumental part in this process. By using praise puppy training will become easier as your dog will associate its actions with it. Remember that when training Yorkshire Terriers to be gentle, these dogs are small and fragile and need a lot of love!

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