Homemade Dog Food

Can homemade dog foods benefit your dog? It's well worth a try!

Up to know we have been discussing the different kind of commercial dog foods that are available. However, I have come across many dog owners that prefer to feed their dogs homemade meals.

I was recently contacted by a reader with regards to home-prepared meals, so here you have it.

If you are someone who prefers to put together your dog’s meals yourself there are various things which you must consider. A dog has certain nutritional requirements that must be met. Diet is the most important aspect to maintaining a dog’s health.

Even though it is time consuming to put together a well-balanced home-prepared meal, the health benefits to your dog can be great.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals are all very important nutrients that must be included when you are preparing your dogs meals.

Protein a dog’'s diet should consist of between 25-30 percent protein. Meat, fish and cottage cheese are all sources of protein. Yorkshire terriers might also like ground meat or chicken without bones.

Carbohydrates a yorkies diet should consist of approximately 45 percent carbohydrates. Carbs can be found in potatoes, rice, corn or noodles, which can be cooked with or added to meat.

Fats these are the main source of energy for a dog, however their diet should only contain about 5 percent. Fats are present in meat but a teaspoonful of wheat-germ oil could also be added to a home-cooked meals. Also please keep in mind that young dogs that get a lot of exercise may need slightly more fat than old dogs.

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements – these need to be added to every dogs meal. Commercial supplements are readily available.

Are you ready to prepare your yorkie homemade dog food?

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