Meet Pelusa

My girlfriend & I have a Yorkie called Pelusa, which means "piece of fluff" in Spanish. We chose the name to reflect her small size and whispy hair. She's just 2 years old and exceptionally friendly with humans, though somewhat nervous around other dogs.


Unlike many other Yorkies we see around, Pelusa has kept her puppy black-and-tan colouring. She has large upright ears and a long tongue that seems to be permanently hanging just out of her mouth!

Just a few weeks after we got Pelusa we noticed she was limping a bit. The vet established that she has Legg-Perthes' disease, which affects her hip. The plan was to operate on her when she was a bit older, but luckily it seems there might not be a need as she has reacted well to medication. However, we'll have to wait and see.

Despite this, Pelusa is enjoying her life to the fullest. She loves to play, and her favourite game is when we hide a squeaky toy below a blanket and she has to retrieve it. Pelusa makes us laugh a lot. It's hilarious to see her sprinting at full pelt (which she does without a limp despite her bad leg) and getting worked up trying to get to a hidden treat!

Pelusa is an ideal house pet. She usually only barks when someone rings the doorbell or she hears an unexpected sound from outside. Pelusa is fully house trained and gets 4 walks a day. She loves to relax and enjoys a nap in the afternoon sun and a good belly-scratching session.

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