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This is an important part of the grooming process. Active dogs rarely need their nails clipped but dogs that are not as active will need some attention.

Long toe nails can be harmful to dogs. They will cause the toes into the air and will eventually spread the feet wide. This can result in an unnatural stance which will result in lameness.

Clipping your dogs nails will at first be tricky as it is highly likely that your dog will not approve! However once it becomes accustomed to the situation it will let you get on with it.

When you visit your vet ask for a demonstration. This will be benefitial as you will have someone who knows exactly what they are doing showing you how to go about it.


Ear Care is a very important part of the grooming stage . Infections are very common in dogs that do not have their ears cleaned on a regular basis. Excessive dirt, moisture and bacteria will accumulate and will cause excessive wax, soreness and even result in an unpleasant smell.

The most common way of cleaning a dogs' ears is by using flat cotton wool and applying a cleaning liquid to it. Do not push inside the ear, simply clean by rubbing around the ear canal and then holding the cotton wool inside for a couple of seconds, repeat this process a couple of times. But remember not to assert too much pressure as it is easy to damage the ear drum.

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Eyes are easy to keep clean. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing or entering the eyes at any time. This means that no debris or dirty hair is going to get in. If you do find that your dog's eyes look swollen, discoloured or are in any way different, it would be a good idea to get a second opinion by contacting your veterinarian.


Dental care for dogs is very similar to that of humans. Puppies like to chew and there are plenty of dog chews that will help in keeping their teeth healthy. Also brushing your dogs' teeth is a good idea. There are doggy toothbrushes available and also finger toothbrushes which are small caps that fit over your index finger.

It is best to get your dog accustomed to having your fingers inside its mouth beofre you start cleaning its teeth on a regular basis. Once it is used to this then you can start. By not looking after your dog's teeth you are increasing the risk of plaque build up and loss of teeth.

Not only that, there is also the added chance of further damage to the gums and of course, bad breath.

So remember that when grooming your dog there are plenty of things to do!

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