by Christine Lollathin

Gracie is the best dog I have ever had. She is very well mannered she is not yappy at all I think she only barks maybe once a day if shes lucky and thats if somebody knocks on the door then its just a little bark and shes done.

She is trully amazing loving little dog she takes naps on your shoulder if you sit in the big chair and at night she snuggles up to my neck and sleeps on the pillow with blankets of course, she gets cold too.

Gracie loves everybody from kids to adults if you're here in her house to visit then she thinks you're here to see her because everybody who sees her always picks her up and loves on her, people are not mean to her so she is not mean to them.

She is a little person in a little dogs body and her eyes do all the talking!!!

Oh and Gracie was the easiest dog to potty train she loves to go outside and if you leave her in the house all day she knows how to go on her potty papers.

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