Getting a yorkie

by Jennifer S.

I bought a yorkie recently...well, in September...he was five months old and was being resold, as his first owner moved and had to give him up.

Long, long story...I lost him Dec. 21st to parvo. Can't even talk about it.

I located the original breeder from Loekee's registration papers, because I really loved the way he looked. I figure my best bet on getting one that will look really close to him is to buy from the original breeder.

Loekee was the first dog I ever purchased. All my other dogs have been rescues or hand me downs.I have no intention on breeding my dog, so I am not worried about a champion bloodline, or getting a really expensive dog.

Loekee was only 250 and I couldn't have painted a picture of a dog that looked any more like what I had in my head than he did.

That being said, I am not familiar enough with the ins and outs of the breed to know whether or not buying a pup from the same breeder and lineage will necessarily mean that I will get a dog who will look similar to him.

There seem to me to be huge variances in the appearance of adult dogs.

Loekee looked EXACTLY like the second yorkie dog from the left at the top of this home page. The one laying down with his tongue haning out :)

Anyone have any advice on how to chose a pup who will look like that?

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