Flying with your Yorkie!!!

Getting on a flight and leaving your Yorkie behind is a thing of the past!

There are many airlines that will now allow you to take your Yorkie onboard with you. Just get in touch with the airlines you usually use and ask.

It's a good thing Yorkies are so small.

Due to their size they are allowed in the cabin area with you when you are travelling by plane. This is great, as larger dogs have to stay in the cargo area, which can be a very unsettling experience for them.

Even if your Yorkie can be kept in the cabin it will have to be in a container for the entire duration of the journey. Although this is not a great situation for your Yorkie to be in it is better than the alternative. The alternative being that it stays in the cargo bay with no one around. This is really not advisable.

You will need to take an Airline Travel kit for use in the container which contains an absorbent pad, a water cup, a food cup and a live animal identification label. These items are necessary to meet airline regulations for transporting animals.

Yorkshire Terriers love to have company and attention. At least, by having it with you in the cabin you are letting it know that you are there. Chances are, you will find that your Yorkie does not like the sensation of moving back and forth with the motion of the plane very much. Do not take any action in terms of giving it a sedative or any other medication that might put it to sleep. High altitudes can have an effect on medication.

Prior to getting on to the plane take your dog for a walk and keep its Collar & Leash  ready for when you land so that it can stretch its legs as soon as possible. Make sure that it's id tags are updated and visible and that you have recent photos. If your Yorkie has not spent time inside a container or portable kennel, spend some time at home with both so that your Yorkie can familiarize itself with it. For advice on kennels look at our dog crates page as advice is similar for both in terms of what size to choose.

Lastly, remember to get in touch with the airline and to be sure that you can take your Yorkie into the cabin with you. It will enjoy the journey a lot more by being by your side.

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