Flea Bites

Flea bites will be extremely annoying and irritating to your dog. It will cause an incessant itching and irritation to your dogsÂ’ skin which may develop into more serious things if not treated immediately.

In extreme cases, bites have been known to cause anaemia in dogs due to the scratching and bleeding that will follow.

This will only happen in cases of severe flea infestation, but I feel a worst case scenario is important to highlight so that we take action as soon as we suspect dog fleas.

A bite may also lead to flea allergy dermatitis! A flea allergy in dogs will appear as normal flea bite symptoms, but can cause other skin infections alongside the main flea problems.

Our pets cannot speak to us, so as good owners, we must be aware of our pets moods and discomfort. Although, as I say this, I remember the last time our Yorkie suffered from dog fleas it was easy to tell.

From being a relaxed dog he became extremely irritable and it is hard not to notice the non-stop scratching!

Signs of fleas and Flea Bite Symptoms

  • Incessant scratching
  • Biting around his neck, tail, rear, or thighs could be a tell-tale sign
  • You may also look on your dog for flea dirt (small black spots which if you wet and rub on a tissue will turn into a red colour, blood)
  • If your dogs skin becomes inflamed and bumpy, this may also be a sign , and also a sign that your dog suffers from a dog flea allergy.

If you see any of these signs and symptoms of dog fleas it is time to take immediate action. You must approach the problem in a 2 pronged attack, both relieving your pets suffering by providing some flea bite treatment and alongside you must make sure that you are also getting rid of fleas in house.

If your dog is suffering learn about how to treat flea bites and it might be an idea as you will be in close contact to also take a minute to read about how to treat bites on humans.

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