First ever Yorkie pup :)


I have just put a deposit down on my first ever yorkie puppy.

Can you please give me some advice on how to take care of him.

For example ...... how old should he be before he leaves his mother, I have been told that I can collect him when he is 6 weeks old, is this correct.

Also what type of food will I give him, I did want to start him on dry food rather than the tinned variety, would this be ok?

I would be most grateful for some tips and advise.

Thank you,


Congratulations!!! You will enjoy your yorkie pup sooo much :)

I would not pick up a yorkie pup before 12 weeks of age. This was some advice given to me by a yorkie breeder. They told me that up to 12 weeks, it is important for the yorkie pup to be weaned by his mum and it is an important part of socialisation training for him to play with the others in his litter.

Feeding your pup dry food would be fine, just check for the instructions on the back of the pack to see how much you need to dish out.

There is lots of advice on this website on training, nutrition, grooming and much more.

Please browse through the website and if there is anything you want more information on please ask us here :)

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Feb 10, 2010
6 weeks is too young
by: Anonymous

I breed yorkies my website is if you want to take a look there is lots of infor on there. Anyways 6 weeks is way to young but as you have already put down a deposit you may be stuck. I am hoping you got a look at the kennels where your puppies parents spend most of there time. Taking a look at how well a kennel is keep usally tells a person all they need to know as to weather they will get a good healthy dog. I personally would never wean a dog at 6 weeks even if they are eating dry food at this time which mine are, they still need time to socialize with mommy and other litter mates. Giving puppies out at 6 weeks is a red flag to watch for puppy mills as they usally have so many puppies they neet to get them out of the house as soon as possible to make room for the next batch.
Good Luck with your new puppy.

Dec 23, 2010
7 week old Puppy
by: Anonymous

Well that worries me. I too have put my deposit and will pick up my sweetie tomorrow. She will be 8 weeks old the 27th of December. What should I do? I saw the parents and the home. It isn't a puppy mill just a an older couple that had 2 registered parents that had a litter.

Please help!

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