Finding Precious

by Don
(New Jersey)

I was at work one night. The day before, my partner and I were discussing rescuing a dog. So it happened that his cousin caled and said she was taking Precious, at the time a 4 lb 2yr old Yorkie baby to the SPCA because she was too much trouble, would not eat, and would not breed. My partner called me and asked me if he should go get her. I said "You didn't even have to call" Go get that baby!! We got her home, she was filthy. Come to find out, this lady ONLY bought her to breed, not to love her. However, my precious would not let any other dog touch her! So she was kept outside with a german shepherd and a greyhound. She wasnt eating because the big dogs would not let her eat.She had a HUGE tick on her back, about the size of a penny. A real dog lover would have known she had a tick since you would NORMALLY pet the dog every day. We bathed her, fed her and she just took over our hearts. She is the queen of the house, is well behaved, friendly and very happy now. We are looking for a friend for her to add to our family. We rescued a 6 yr old Maltese before we got Precious and he just passed at 15 yrs in March of this year. Precious has NEVER been without a friend and she is very rambunctious and upset when we leave and get home. She has had a very happy life so far and we will continue to rescue yorkies and malteses as long as we are able to do it.

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