Feeding Yorkshire Terriers

Feeding Yorkshire Terriers - Important rules to follow

There are several things which you must keep in account when it comes to feeding Yorkshire terriers and any other dog for that matter.

  • Your yorkie must always be fed in exactly the same place and at the same time everyday. I cannot stress enough how important it is for your dog to have a routine to follow.

  • It is also very important to allow your yorkie to eat its meals undisturbed.

  • Yorkshire terriers are extremely small dogs, therefore any food which you give your yorkie should be broken up into small pieces. If when feeding Yorkshire terriers the food goes straight from the can to your pets bowl without a second look, it is a possibility that a piece can get lodged in its throat and cause choking.

  • Your yorkies food should always be at room temperature. Do not feed it something straight out of the fridge or off the stove.

  • If any food does not get eaten after around 30 minutes, please remember to remove it as it will spoil quickly and attract flies. This is especially important in the summer.

  • When feeding Yorkshire terriers, you should not allow them to become picky dogs. You must get them to eat whatever you feed them. If they do not take to something and you substitute it with a food they prefer you will most likely end up with a picky eater.

  • Your yorkie should be provided with fresh water to drink throughout the day. If at the end of the day there is still water left in the bowl throw it out and provide them with fresh water. Also, once a day, the water bowl should be washed in hot water to avoid a buildup of bacteria.

  • Your yorkies food dish should be cleaned after every meal.

Keep in mind that these pointers are here to help you and to help your Yorkie. If you were to start feeding him at random times it would mean that his daily schedule would be all over the place. By cleaning bowls and removing stale water you are looking after his health and well being.

Remember, your Yorkie will eat pretty much anything you give him, its up to you to make sure you give him nutritious, healthy and tasty food in a clean environment.

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