Eye booger in yorkies


Wanted to see if this is a Yorkie thing or more serious?

Every morning my yorkie (Tiger) wakes up with some white substance on its right eye only.

I flush it out with saline and it will be clear for the rest of the day but next day the exact same thing.


This is very common in yorkies and some people say it is because of the tiny hairs in the corner of their eyes which can poke them and cause excessive watering.

I would just make sure you wash Tiger's eyes out every morning so that it doesn't crust up and make him uncomfortable.

Even though this is a common thing in yorkshire terriers I would still want to make sure with your vet and check that it is just a normal discharge and that your yorkie does not have an eye infection.

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Feb 24, 2010
by: Shamaine

I would definitely take your baby to the Vets., just to make sure. You don't want this to lead to conjunctivitis (eye infection). I have had this concern and the Vet. gave me an eye ointment to put in the eye 2 x's a day. Good Luck!

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