Dogs and Children

Having both dogs and children can be a very rewarding experience. Both, when young are very similar in nature as in they both need your love and attention. You will enjoy their company and will love the fact that you are seeing a living creature grow up into an adult.

If you are looking to bring a dogs and children together it is important to find the dog with the right sort of temperament.

Many dogs are great with children and will be great companions for them, especially if the child is already a few years old. However this is not always the case with new born babies. There are a few dogs that do not recognise the similarity between a human baby and a grown up.

This can be a very dangerous situation as they may see the baby as a toy and will treat it as one. It has been reported in many newspapers across the UK that certain breeds do tend to behave like this.

This does not make them unsuitable dogs to own, but does perhaps make them unsuitable for certain situations. A simple solution would be to minimise access to areas where the baby would be or keep the dog in a designated zone until the child is old enough. The thing is, as far as I know from the information I have read, these dogs behave like this because the child is smaller than they are and so it is difficult for the child to show any authority. Once the child has grown then it is able to show the authority that is needed.

There are, on the other hand, many dogs that are great with children and will become life long companions for them. They will enjoy playing, cuddling and relaxing with no doubt in their mind about who is in charge. This is not to say that the more unpredictable ones are not. They are also potentially great companions as long as they are properly trained and looked after.

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