Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog Grooming Supplies: What is needed?

In order to keep your Yorkie looking its best you will need to have the right tools. There is a very wide variety of grooming equipment available to buy nowadays. Here we have included a list of the universal tools that every dog owner should have to perform general grooming duties.

Slicker Brush:
- This versatile brush is useful for many different types of coats. The wire bristles remove mats, tangles, and dead and unwanted hair. For Yorkshire Terriers brush in the direction of hair growth, parting the layers. Use a light stroke which goes beyond the end of the hair to avoid breakage.

Flea Comb
- A fine-toothed flea comb will be helpful in fleas and their eggs from your dog's’ coat.

Absorbent Towel
- These will be used to dry off wet clothes. Check out our bathing your yorkie page.

Grooming Glove
- This is ideal for dogs with short coats. It is great for loosening any dead hair, getting rid of surface dirt and helps distribute healthy coat oils.

Nail Clippers
- Trimming a dogs nails is very important. For those who decide to do this yourselves you will need a good pair of canine nail clippers.

Doggy toothbrush and toothpaste
- Cleaning a dogs teeth is essential for it to maintain good health. You must make sure to buy dog friendly toothpaste and toothbrushes. Human toothpaste is a big no-no. Dogs will not spit out toothpaste as we do, they swallow it and using human toothpaste can cause stomach upsets and digestive problems.

Dog Shampoo
- There are various different kinds of shampoo available and some have special purposes, e.g. flea shampoos. We use one which both cleanses and moisturizes our dogs skin without stripping the dogs natural oils and nutrients. However, if you are not sure which one to buy, your veterinarian could help in recommending a certain type for your dog.

Dog Conditioner
- This is necessary for dogs with long coats like yorkies. Again if your are not sure which one to buy ask your veterinarian.

Grooming Scissors
- Blunt-nosed scissors are very useful when trimming difficult areas. Use these blunt-nose scissors when trimming excess fur on the dog'’s feet, legs, tail or anal region.

All these dog grooming supplies are necessary to start the grooming process. It would be useful to have all supplies ready for when your puppy gets home as its best to start your grooming duties when your dog is still young.

Do you now have all dog grooming supplies needed? Continue reading our grooming pages