Dog Food for Yorkies, An Insight

All dogs are different shapes and sizes and sometimes the dog food that you can give to one is not necessarily the right food for another. It’s a case of mix and match.

The choices are endless when it comes to buying food for your dog. There are many different brands and many different types for different sizes and so on. But what food is the best for your best friend, your dog?

When buying food for your dog you should first understand that there are essentially three different types of products, Commercial, Premium and Super-Premium.

The commercial and premium dog food that is available is visible in most shops, although the premium stuff is stocked far less. Premium and super-premium food is mostly available on the net and is delivered via the mail.

Commercial food is the food that is mostly advertised on the television and the companies that produce it are basically offering a cheap but okay food.

The best food out there, like everything else, is much more expensive than the commercial stuff, although it is much more nutritious.

Commercial dog food primarily contains ‘by-products’ of chicken, lamb or beef. ‘By-products’ are not really the meat, they are what is left over once the meat is gone. Therefore they can be difficult for your dog to digest. You will also find that when feeding your dog commercial food it will need far more to fulfil its nutritional needs.

Premium food is slightly better for your dog than the commercial brands, basically because it is more nutritious so you don’t have to feed your dog so much. The downside being that it is more expensive.

However if it is quality you are looking for then look no further than the Super-Premium brands. They are, without a doubt, the best food you can buy, but, at a price. These brands usually don’t contain any artificial colourings or preservatives. They are prepared in smaller batches and are much fresher than the commercial and premium brands.

If you are unsure about whether or not your dog is eating the right food, or at least, whether or not the food you are buying is good for it, look at your dogs' behaviour. There are some telling signs as to your dogs' condition:

  • Is the coat glossy?

  • Licking paws all the time?

  • Biting itself?

  • Bouts of hyperactivity?

  • Short attention span?

  • Inability to learn?

All of these are things that you should look out for when selecting a brand of dog food for your Yorkie. A well balanced diet can eliminate much of these points and will result in a healthier and happier dog.

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