Dog Fleas, how to fight back!

Dog Fleas can be both an irritation for you and your dog. Be prepared to take action against these little 'beasts'!

When faced with a flea problem you must understand that it is not something that is simply going to go away. You have to be on top of the situation and continue to be on top of it until the problem seizes to exist.

Fleas are not only very annoying and cause immense itching and irritation to the skin but the can also be the cause of future problems. In extreme cases pets have been known to lose a large amount of blood and can eventually suffer from anaemia.

To prevent your dog from getting fleas read the following advice.

Use a product like Frontline every month on your dog. I can recommend Frontline from personal experience. I use it on my Yorkshire terrier, Harry every month. Use a grooming kit that has a flea brush.

If your dog has been out and about, say in the countryside or in a backyard, chances are there were fleas close by. Try and groom your dog afterwards and use a flea brush. Fleas will not be able to hide from a flea brush. Also, if you think your dog may have attracted some fleas you can give them a bath.

There are shampoos that are specific for fleas. Be sure to read the label carefully before using as some shampoos may not be suitable for puppies. Use the flea brush when rinsing the shampoo as the hair is finer and easier to brush.

If you find that your dog has a severe problem and you cannot rid it of fleas then you should think about cleaning its surrounding areas thoroughly and even asking for professional advice.

Serious dog flea infestations have been known to make dogs sick. If this is the case for yor little one please ask a vet for advice.

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