Dog Diseases. Learn about symptoms and cures

There are many dog diseases which could affect your yorkie, here we will take a look at some of the most common dog diseases.

Distemper in dogs

Is very unpleasant for dogs. Early signs include loss of appetite, chills, fever and depression. There may also be a watery discharge from the nose and the eyes. If not detected early on it can gain momentum and begin infecting the lungs, nervous system and even the intestines.

These are the latter stages. Puppies should be given an injection to prevent this and then it is up to its owner to book annual inoculations.

Canine Hepatitis

Another one of those that is very unpleasant and in this case very dangerous. Signs of canine hepatitis include, drowsiness, loss of appetite, excessive thirst and high temperature. The swelling a parts of the dogs body may also occur, especially the head, neck and abdomen. Some cases have seen vomiting occur as well.

Hepatitis in dogs can strike very quickly and can be fatal within a few hours. Precaution must be taken and be sure that your puppy has had an inoculation for this and once again arrange with your vet for annual boosters.

Leptospirosis in dogs

Causes stiffness in the joints, yellow colouring of the jaws, teeth and the tongue. This is caused by the inflammation of the kidneys. Vaccines are determined by the risk factor involved. This usually occurs when the dog has something off the floor like urine.


A fatal disease of the dog'sÂ’ nervous system. Rabid dogs are a danger to all those around them and a vet should be notified immediately and the dog put down. It is transmitted through saliva from another infected animal.

At first the dog may show signs of melancholy, depression, then irritation and finally paralysis. Once again shots should be arranged annually and you should check to see if this is the law where you live as it may very well be the case.

Canine Parvovirus

Attacks the white blood cells, intestinal tract and the heart muscle. It is a contagious disease. Contact your vet about the series of shots that your dog can have to prevent it from obtaining such a disease.


Is easily spread among dogs. It is also known as 'kennel cough'. It is a very good idea to get your dog vaccinated before you put in into kennels. It affects the upper respiratory system. Signs of this disease include, intense coughing and high fever. If you notice the symptoms get in touch with your vet and a complete recovery is almost certain.

Remember if your yorkie seems to be suffering from one of these dog diseases and is very ill, in a lot of pain or there is an emergency situation please do not use an online vet service, take him in to see a vet straight away!

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