Dog Chewing Problems

When you bring a puppy home dog chewing problems is one of the first things you will have to deal with.

All puppies, including yorkies, can be very persistent chewers, especially when teething. This should be dealt with immediately before your belongings start getting destroyed!

Puppy-proof your home

The first thing that should be done is puppy-proof your home. You should move anything which is within the puppy's reach which is in danger of being chewed. Obviously, there are some things that cannot be moved (like furniture). In this case you could make use of dog gates to keep them out of certain areas. However, if you feel that you do not want to have dog gates all over your house you could try chewing deterrents.

Chewing Deterrents

If you have a puppy actively working at destroying all your belongings you could use a dog stop chewing spray . In order to deter dogs from chewing things you must make them very unattractive to chew. This spray does just that! Stop destructive chewing and licking behaviors with Fooey -"The Most Bitter Stuff On Earth." This can be used on furniture, plants, walls, pet bandages, shoes, clothing, wood or anything that you don't want your pet to chew or lick. This spray is perfectly safe but is also repulsive to dogs. So why would they chew on something that is so unpleasant when there are much better things to chew on?

Dog Toys

This is where chewing toys come in. If instead you provide your dog with something fun like a Squeaky dog toy, why would they want to chew the horrible sprayed furniture? There are also some toys which can be filled with yummy treats. They would keep on coming back for more rather than chewing that disgusting furniture!

It is very important when dealing with dog chewing problems that you show that you disapprove of this behaviour. This does not involve hitting or screaming at the dog. You should use a 'NO' command. At the same time hand your pup an acceptable toy he can chew instead. When your dog chews at the toy immediately rain him with praise to show that this is behaviour you do approve of.

Dog chewing problems are very common when dealing with a pup, but if you follow all these guidelines I'm sure you will be able to overcome them!

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