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We would not contemplate sleeping in an uncomfortable bed unless we had to. Sleep is essential to our well being and rightly so we endeavour to get the best bed available regardless of the expense. Most of us consider our dogs to be an intergral part of our family and as such they deserve to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Pet beds are considered by certain individuals to be a luxury but I would classify them as an essential accessory to provide your dog with warmth, support and security.

Sleep patterns in dogs vary with the breed but generally speaking most dogs will sleep for at least twelve hours a day and some even more. So it is incumbent on us as dog owners to provide our loved pets with a soft and comfortable place where they feel secure and can curl up and relax. Obviously the size of our dog will determine the size of the bed that we provide but as a rule of thumb always get a bed with side walls or which are curved and envelopes or cuddles our dog. This will provide them with a feeling of security and warmth.

Dog beds are usually designed to fit into specific areas within the residence but if you are tight for space, there is a wide range of compact beds to chose from. I would suggest that before you decide on which type to purchase that you decide where you want to put it and measure the space available.

Please take into consideration that the bed you decide upon is ample for your dog's size and that it allows him to lie down comfortably with plenty of space to stretch but at the same time providing him with the sense of security by being enveloped and cuddled.

Your dog will not care how much money you have spent on the bed or how long it took you to chose it. It's main concern will be to sleep comfortably and will love you regardless of the price. So when choosing a bed stick to a dog bed within the price range of your budget that will allow him the levels of comfort that he requires.

If your dog spends a lot of its time outdoors it may be prudent to buy removable bed covers as these can be easily washed after your dog transfers accumulated dirt from outside onto the bed. It requires less effort to wash a removable cover rather than the whole bed.

Depending on budget constraints, some beds not only provide the comfort but can also regulate the temperature of the dog through insulation during the winter months. Some beds will even control the spread of dirt and hairs and cushion their joints and bones.

As members of our family, our dogs have the right to rest in comfort so choose wisely when purchasing the dog bed and rest assured that your dog will appreciate your concern and love you the more for it.

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