Most dog behavior problems stem from lack of rules

Dog Behavior – Dogs Are Like Children, They Need Leadership & Guidance

All dogs need to have rules and boundaries firmly set in the household in order for them to be happy and in order to avoid dealing with dog behavior problems with an enormous amount of personal behavior problems.

If your dog does not recognize the family as a team and has no sense of who is in charge, his behavior problems can be a nightmare. It is your job to start creating a social order in your house immediately. You must learn to communicate with your dog by reading his body language and picking up on his sense of who's in charge.

And the job will be a lot easier if you can get all members of your family on the same playing field. They must all agree with how your dog should be treated. This will help tremendously so that your time is not wasted as you work hard to create a pack within the family, which will help your dog become a happy, well-trained family pet.

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