Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Many readers are asking which are good dog beds for small dogs. Your yorkie will want a spot in the house which belongs to him, a nice, comfy space that he can call his own.

There are many different types of dog beds and here we will take a quick look at what is available and hopefully help you decide what will be the perfect buy for your yorkie.

PETCO Rectangular Quilted Dog Bed with Applique

The most common one which you can buy everywhere is the standard dog bed.

This is basically a pillow (you can even save and use an old pillow for your yorkie instead of going out to buy one) which will be comfortable and a warm place to lie down on instead of the hard floor.

PETCO Cuddler Dog Bed

Next we have what is known as a donut dog bed, also known as a cuddler dog bed.

These beds are basically the same as the standard dog beds, however they have a rim around the outside where they can rest their heads.

They are normally very very comfortable and if you browse around could find some that also offer othopedic support which if you have an older yorkie they will thank you for it.

Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Tan Microtec Corner Bolster Napper

Along the same lines as those already mentioned we also have the corner dog bed.

They are just as soft and nice for your dog to sleep on, but have the added convenience of fitting into a corner of the room.

These are good options when there is not a lot of room at home.

Petmate Durabed Frame Bed for Small Dogs

Some of the cutest dog beds for small dogs are the raised beds.

I love seeing my yorkie in a raised dog bed. They are so small in size but they look like kings (or queens) on these beds.

Other than the cute factor, these beds keep your yorkie up off the cold floor and floor drafts.

They will also be kept away from insects or bugs which may be crawling about.

A great idea for winter are the heated dog beds . These are particularly good dog beds for small dogs as they feel the cold a lot more than a larger dog would. Elderly dogs would also benefit greatly from a heated dog bed. If you already own a perfectly good dog bed but think your little one would enjoy the warmth, you could also purchase heated pads  to place inside your existing dog bed.

Canine Hardware Travel Dog Bed

A final type of dog bed which I think should be mentioned are the travel dog beds .

For me this is one of the most important types of dog bed as wherever I go I like our Harry to come with us.

The travel bed featured here can be put away in the same way as you would a sleeping bag, which makes it extremely handy to carry around.

One of the most important things which I learnt after buying Harry’s first dog bed is to make sure that it has a removable cover, which you can wash in a washing machine!

Let’s face it, when you first get a yorkie it is very likely that they might not be fully housetrained when it first uses its bed, and if it pees you will want to be able to wash it easily.

In order for your small dog to be comfortable it is best not to get a very large dog bed. Your yorkie will feel much safer and cosier in a smaller dog bed.

Make sure you check the dog beds size before buying, especially if you are taking advantage of the great deals available online!

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